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Recordings of Services

On Sunday 16th January we had our first go at recording the service as it took place in church.  The service can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/rrSySxYNbWk 

We will be aiming to make the service available in this way so that those who are unable to join us on Sunday morning, or don’t feel ready to come back to church yet, can participate in worship.  This is a first attempt, so we would very much appreciate feedback about how easy it is to hear what is going on in the video and anything else that you think could be improved.  Below and here (as a file download) we have pasted the words to the hymns, so you can sing along.

CH4 757 Come All Ye People

Come all you people,
          come and praise your Maker,
          come all you people,
          come and praise your Maker,
          come all you people,
          come and praise your Maker,
          come now and worship the Lord.

CH4 231 For The Fruits of All Creation

  1       For the fruits of all creation,
          thanks be to God;
          for these gifts to every nation,
          thanks be to God;
          for the ploughing, sowing, reaping,
          silent growth while we are sleeping,
          future needs in earth’s safe-keeping,
          thanks be to God.

  2       In the just reward of labour,
          God’s will is done;
          in the help we give our neighbour,
          God’s will is done;
          in our world-wide task of caring
          for the hungry and despairing,
          in the harvest we are sharing,
          God’s will is done.

  3       For the harvests of the Spirit,
          thanks be to God;
          for the good we all inherit,
          thanks be to God;
          for the wonders that astound us,
          for the truths that still confound us,
          most of all, that love has found us,
          thanks be to God.

CH4 336 Christ Be Our Light

  1       Christ is our light! the bright and morning star
          covering with radiance all from near and far.
          Christ be our light, shine on, shine on we pray
          into our hearts, into our world today.

  2       Christ is our love! baptized that we may know
          the love of God among us, swooping low.
          Christ be our love, bring us to turn our face
          and see in you the light of heaven’s embrace.

  3       Christ is our joy! transforming wedding guest!
          Through water turned to wine the feast was blessed.
          Christ be our joy; your glory let us see,
          as your disciples did in Galilee.

CH4 590 Holy Spirit Gift Bestower

1        Holy Spirit, gift bestower,
          breathe into our hearts today.
          Flowing water, dove that hovers,
          Holy Spirit, guide our way.
          Love inspirer, joy releaser,
          Spirit, take our fears away.
          Reconciler, peace restorer,
          move among us while we pray.

  2       Holy Spirit, Christ proclaimer,
          wisdom bringer, light our way.
          Fire that dances, wind that whispers,
          Holy Spirit, come today.
          Ease disturber, comfort bearer,
          move among us while we pray.
          Truth revealer, faith confirmer,
          rest within our hearts today.

All that I am, all that I do,
all that I’ll ever have I offer now to you.
Take and sanctify these gifts for your honour, Lord.
Knowing that I love and serve you is enough reward.
All that I am, all that I do,
all that I’ll ever have I offer now to you.

CH4 Come Holy Spirit Come

  1       Come, Holy Spirit, come!
          Inflame our souls with love,
          transforming every heart and home
          with wisdom from above.
          Let none of us despise
          the humble path Christ trod,
          but choose, to shame the worldly wise,
          the foolishness of God.

  2       All-knowing Spirit, prove
          the poverty of pride,
          by knowledge of the Father’s love
          in Jesus crucified.
          And grant us faith to know
          the glory of that sign,
          and in our very lives to show
          the marks of love divine.

  3       Come with the gift to heal
          the wounds of guilt and fear,
          and to oppression’s face reveal
          the kingdom drawing near.
          Where chaos longs to reign,
          descend, O holy Dove,
          and free us all to work again
          the miracles of love.

  4       Spirit of truth, arise;
          inspire the prophet’s voice:
          expose to scorn the tyrant’s lies,
          and bid the poor rejoice.
          O Spirit, clear our sight,
          all prejudice remove,
          and help us to discern the right,
          and covet only love.

  5       Give us the tongues to speak
          the word of love and grace
          to rich and poor, to strong and weak,
          in every time and place.
          Enable us to hear
          the words that others bring,
          interpreting with open ear
          the special song they sing.

  6       Come, Holy Spirit, dance
          within our hearts today,
          our earthbound spirits to entrance,
          our mortal fears allay.
          And teach us to desire,
          all other things above,
          that self-consuming holy fire,
          the perfect gift of love.


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