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The Forget Me Not Club

Birse and Feughside Church has an informal relationship with the Forget Me Not Club whereby members of the congregation assist with fund raising and charity activities such as musical entertainment. Founded in 1999 the Forget-Me-Not Club provides invaluable support to those living with and caring for people with dementia. Staffed almost entirely by enthusiastic volunteers, it runs a host of activities in Banchory and upper Deeside.

Just as importantly as providing activities for people with dementia, Forget-Me-Not also advises and educates carers on the complexities of the disease. Providing information and knowledge of things that can be done to help, from coping strategies to financial and other resources available, allowing clients to stay in their own homes for longer.

The Forget-Me-Not Club currently provides over 500 hours of free care per week, in a mainly voluntary capacity, and in order to continue providing this vital work we need to look to the future.

Recently Forget-Me-Not Club has taken a big leap forward with a new purpose built facility in Banchory. A building has been purchased by the charity and has been transformed into a new headquarters. This exciting new facility will allow the club to provide even more activities and support, in a safe and calm environment.

Working with research projects, universities and charities is an important part of Forget-Me-Not’s ethos, and so are therefore providing a room within Bennett House for researchers and students to come and study. From there they will be able to work closely with volunteers, carers and people with dementia to gain more knowledge and understanding.

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