Remembrance Service

Christmas is fast approaching. For many it is a time to look forward to, meeting up
with family and friends, people who are dear to us. But not for everyone is Christmas
a happy time. For those who have lost loved ones Christmas can be a hard time, with
an empty chair at the Christmas table.
For that reason Birse and Feughside Church will hold a special service for people and
families who have lost a loved one recently or some time ago and therefore have
mixed feelings about the forthcoming festive season. During this service families get
the opportunity to light a candle for their loved one. After the service there will be a
chance to meet each other in a more informal way over a cup of tea or co+ee.
The service will be held on Sunday the 11 December at 7pm in Birse and Feughside
Church .
If you have special wishes for this service for example a reading, a song, a piece of
music or a poem, please let me know before Thursday 8 December.
Rev Anita Stutter
01330 850776