Messy Church Dates

5th June - Pentecost

3rd July

Any volunteers willing to help run craft tables would be most welcome.



Contributions to the reflections we include in our Newsletter are always welcome.  The cupboard is currently empty!  If you have a story, a poem, a thought, or have seen or read something that you wish to share with the congregation, please send to


Pastoral Care

If you know of anyone who is in hospital or would appreciate a card or a visit, please let a member of our Pastoral Care Team know. (Judy Taylor, Val Ramshaw, Mary Taylor, Maureen McLellan - 01224 582491)


Safeguarding Training for Volunteers
Presbytery has arranged a training session for those Church volunteers (e.g. Junior and Messy Church leaders, Pastoral Care team) who have not already done safeguarding training.  It will be held in Banchory East Church on Monday 27th May beginning at 6.30pm.  Please let Maureen McLellan know if you are intending to attend.

Finzean House Open Garden

Donald and Catriona Farquharson are kindly opening their garden to the public on Sunday 23rd June from 2-5pm.  60% of the proceeds will go to the Forget-me-not Club, with the rest going to charities supported by Scotland’s Gardens Scheme.  If you are able to bake and/or help at this event, please add your name to the list in the church hallway or see Sheena.  Your support for this event is much appreciated. 


Pentecost - Sunday 9th June 

You are invited to participate in our Pentecost celebrations by wearing red that day. (Although please don’t panic if you don’t own anything red, you are still most welcome!) 



Mary Taylor writes:-

Recently, the old stone wall dividing our garden from that of Praesmohr House, collapsed. Probably due to it being a hundred years old and tree roots pushing at its base.


It looked very odd with no ‘barrier’ there and we discussed with our neighbour whether we should rebuild it or put a wire fence in place of it.


It made us both think why we needed a fence. We are fortunate to have a big garden and the grounds of Praesmohr are spacious. Our dog is in a fenced area at the back of our house and we couldn’t think of a reason to erect another wall or fence.


I have therefore been thinking of how humans have always built walls - the Great Wall of China, Hadrian’s Wall, the Wall dividing East and West Berlin, The West Bank, the proposed wall between the USA and Mexico. We humans seem hard -wired to want to stop people getting in or out. We need divisions even in a globalised world. However, one American commentator said: ‘Show me a 50 ft wall and I will show you a 51ft ladder.’ There are usually ways under, over or through walls and barricades.


This month the Church of Scotland will discuss the implementation of a Radical Action Plan at the General Assembly. Hopefully the church will present their ‘Big Vision’ to us all - asking us to put aside the differences between us, asking us to tear down barriers, and encouraging us all to work as a team to serve our communities.


Let us pray that we can break down walls and heal divisions here in Birse and Feughside and beyond.