Christmas Service Charity Offering

The amount raised for Sightsavers International was £406.09.   This Charity works in countries across Africa and Asia to prevent avoidable sight loss.


From our Treasurer

I have a number of spare freewill offering envelopes and I wondered if some people might like to use these for their weekly offering. You don't need to tell me unless you pay tax and would like to fill in a gift aid form.   I'll leave the box of spare ones on the table with the other leaflets.


Ukulele Group

The uke group was really busy entertaining over the Christmas period.    In addition to our normal monthly slot for the Forget Me Not Club at Bennett House and the first Sunday in Advent service at the church, we played for the Aboyne-Dinnet guild Christmas party, the Finzean Friendship Club Christmas Lunch, Hanover Court sheltered housing in Banchory and the Santa Specials for the steam trains in Crathes.   We'll be resuming our practices on Wednesday 9th January at 2pm if anyone would like to join us.



Our regular contributors are urged to send anything they may have written, or would write if gently pushed into action to,  The store cupboard is almost bare! Needless to say, reflections from any new contributors with something on their mind that they would like to share with others in the congregation would be especially welcome.


Pastoral Care

If you know of anyone who is in hospital or would appreciate a card or a visit, please let a member of our Pastoral Care Team know. (Jean Morrison, Val Ramshaw, Mary Taylor, Maureen McLellan - 01224 582491)



Louise Counsell writes:-


Loved by God are you
filled with spirit true.
Loved by God are you
given life to live.

Grow in love, grow in hope,
always growing.
Share your heart, share your soul,
always live for love.

Mercy is the music
singing me to life.
Mercy turns the corner
fills my eyes with light.

Given love, given hope,
always given.
Singing heart, singing soul,
mercy singing truth.