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Here is the text of the National Prayer for Dementia Suffers, from the Pastoral Care Project, St Gerard’s, Father Hudson’s Campus, Coventry Road, Coleshill B46 3ED • Tel: 01675 434035 
Registered Charity No 1094766 
Do this in Memory of Me 
Loving Father in Heaven, 
You sent your Son, Jesus, 
to change the world, 
to bring peace to people of good will. 
As he gave himself to us, 
He said ‘Do this in memory of me’. 
So, when we gather in his name, 
we remember Jesus and his words, 
and he becomes real for us. 
Father, we pray for those who need to be reminded 
for as they grow frail their memory may fail them, 
and who may struggle to find the right words, 
but whose life is made up of many stories. 
When the memory fades, 
we know that it is not today that is remembered, 
but days of long ago. 
When we hear your words 
‘Do this in memory of me’ 
we are reminded that nothing can 
separate us from your love. 
So let us cherish today, heavenly Father 
and all the memories we are making, 
memories that are written in the book of life, 
stored forever in grateful hearts. 
Life is a gift from you. 
Memory is your gift, too. 
Let us accept your gifts with joy, 
and always remember 
that you are the beginning and end 
of our story. 
We make every prayer to you, Author of all that is good 
in the name of Jesus, our companion on the journey, 
and with the Holy Spirit, our inspiration and our life. 

The Forget Me Not Club
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